Privacy Policy is one of the most important things in today’s business world. It is an Electronic Record in the form of an Electronic Contract which is listed under the IT Act, 2000. It is to be noted that this privacy Policy does not require any kind of physical, electronic or digital signature.

To be specific, this privacy policy is a legal document between you and us. As you accept the terms and conditions, this privacy policy will be effective.

Privacy Policy is a published form of document and it should be interpreted accordingly with the provisions of the Information Technology Act Rules, 2011 which is listed under the Information Technology Act, 2000. It also requires publishing of the privacy policy for several purposes like collecting and using sensitive information and also the storage of personal data and transfer of information.

This Privacy Policy should be read carefully lest one can face a hectic situation. While using this website, you understand, agree and approve to the Privacy Policy. Before using this website, you must understand the privacy policy.

Personal Information which are Collected

The information provided by a customer to us may consist of Personal Information along with Non-Personal Information.

Personal Information is collected so that we can identify the customer uniquely and can contact the person when in need. Personal information which is needed for specific purpose under the Privacy policy is listed below.

· Address

· Telephone Number

· E-mail address and other contact information

· Date of Birth

· Gender

· All the information regarding your activity on the page like purchase history, order history etc.

· Bank Account information

· IP Address

· Any other information which you have provided during signing up for the website

All these information may be collected while a customer is registering for the website. Secondly, while a person is availing a special offer and signing up for the website.

There are several Non-Personal Information is collected at times which may include things like these.

· Person’s geographic location

· Details of Telecom operator or ISP (Internet Service Provider)

· Operating system used by the customer

· Type of browser a person is using

· Search history

By providing this information, one must comply with the privacy policy of the company to ensure that the information provided by the person is authentic, truthful and relevant.

Purpose of Keeping User Information

It is to be noted that all these information provided by the user is secured under us. The company collects and also stores user information for business purpose and for following principle.

· To respond to customer’s enquiry whenever needed

· To send important information regarding the latest offers, websites, changes that taking place etc.

· For perfect administering procedure of the website

· To improve end-user services

Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information

· In some cases, company may share Personal Information if the company believes that it is necessary in order to probe or investigate, prevent or take necessary legal action related to unlawful activities.

In the above mentioned case, company completely reserves the right to disclosure of personal information of the user in compliance with law.