Before using the website, one should carefully read the Terms and Conditions. This is important because the service which is being provided by the company is the subject of the user’s acceptance. Once the user subscribes to the terms and conditions and using the services offered by the company, the user completely agrees to the enlisted rules that he or she has understood and along with that, the user is also bound by the terms and conditions, no matter how the user is using the services. If a person that means a user tried to avoid it, that means the person is not bound by the terms and conditions, then he or she should not subscribe to any kind of services offered by the company.

User Account Related Information

Once the user registers on the website, he or she will receive a password to access the website. On completion of registration, the user will grant the access. Maintaining the confidentiality is solely depending on the customer as the user must not share personal information such as password, user id etc. The user will be accounted for any misuse of the account. Though, if the account is accessed in an unauthorized way, the user will be immediately informed by the company. Each time the user uses the account, he or she must ensure to log out after using the website.

Offered Services

Through the website, the company provides ample internet based services to its customers or the users of the website. After placing an order through the website, it is bound to fulfill the order and update it and will start the delivery procedure immediately.

Rules To Be Followed by the User

The User should agree to some rules before making use of the website. To be specific, the activity of the user should be according the law and regulations. The user should follow specific guidelines regulated by the company itself.

· The user should maintain decency and he or she must abide by the rules. He or she must obey all the rules and should not violate any law.

· Any objectionable thing posted by the user will attract legal proceedings.

· The user must not falsify any information.

· Any derogatory or defamatory statement made by the user will attract legal authority.

Return Procedure

The customer can raise claim if any product doesn’t meet the expectation and doesn’t match the description given in the website. If the product is not in stock, full refund will be given to the customer without any hesitation.