As this website is an online market place and an intermediary which is defined by the applicable law, the company is not always obliged to monitor or control the products being sold in the website. However, the company at its own discretion and accordingly with the applicable law, it may choose to watch over any products or other content  and in special cases, it may remove such disputed content from the website if the company finds out that such content is against the rules and regulations and also violating company’s policy or any applicable law.

How to Report the Violations of Company’s Law

If the buyer has any question or he believes that there is any kind of content available in the website which is deviating to the company’s policy or the content is clearly objectionable, then the buyer can do the following by notifying the Grievance Officer. Before informing the concerned authority, one must ensure that he submits all the necessary proof against his complaint. Those are as follows.

· Provide your name, email id, contact number and full address.

· Notify the exact problem that means the objectionable content.

· Notify where the objectionable content appears, provide the page link.

· What is the reason you find the product or content objectionable?

Reports of Violations of Intellectual Property Rights

The company always respects the intellectual property rights of all the entities without any doubt. If a person believes that his/her Intellectual Property Rights have been violated by any means, the person can contact the higher authority and submit his complaint accordingly with the Intellectual Property Infringement Notice. One has to download the notice format and fill it up to send it to the Grievance Officer. It is to be kept in mind that any incomplete document or document which is filled in an improper way will not be considered for evaluation.

Things to be kept in mind while sending Notice

The buyer, or the customer who finds the objectionable content, can immediately report to the concerned authority. But before doing that, one must ensure certain norms.

· By sending Notice to us, you declare that all the statements made by you are true from every aspect.

· By sending the Notice to the concerned authority, you also acknowledge and agree with the rules of the company that we may any time share the Notice to third parties, subsidiaries involved in the alleged objectionable activities, or they have any association with the objectionable content.

· The buyer or the person who sends the Notice must agree to assure the company and its subsidiaries against all the claims made by you which may arise in near future in the connection with complaint made by him/her.

Our duty after receiving Notice

As a company registered under the Law of India, we are bound to evaluate the issue with urgency.

· The company will evaluate the whole content of the Notice and judge the objectionable part notified by the buyer.

· The company may ask further details in accordance with the Policy and Law of the company.