As we are trying to maintain reputation in the business world, our vision is to establish ourselves as a socially conscious entity. The company believes in a Corporate Social Responsibility culture and it fulfills all the regulatory requirements related to the Laws of Indian Subcontinent.

CSR or the Corporate Social Responsibility is a widely accepted concept where the companies integrate social, environmental and also economic concerns in their business operation and in their interaction with the stakeholders of the company and also to be specific, the communities in which the company work. If we dig in detail, the term Corporate Social Responsibility basically applies to the efforts which go beyond from what may be needed by the regulators or the environment protection groups.

By keeping in mind the regulations, the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility is widely framed by taking into account the measures which are as follows.

· Welfare measures to be taken for the community at large. Along with that, to ensure the backward section of the society that they obtain the maximum benefit.

· Contribution to the society will be at large for society development.

· Diffusing knowledge among the backward class for their development and also the distribution of necessary items like clothes, foods among the poor in rural areas of the country.


The most important objective of Corporate Social Responsibility is to guide the company to conduct the whole business method for the sustainable development of the society in a large extent.

Areas where CSR activities can be done

Corporate Social Responsibility inclined towards the poor and backward class of the society living in different corners of the country. Generally, the CSR activity of an organization covers the following areas.

· Providing education in the backward region and rural areas.

· Creation of Job opportunities in rural areas, small cities.

· Providing clothes, food and other necessary items to the poor people.

· Grant financial help to the medical centers, charitable institutions etc.

· Most importantly, women empowerment is the sector to be given importance specially.

Implementation of CSR

It is to be mentioned that all the activities related to CSR, will be on project basis. The company can implement its CSR activities through any specialized agency or any recognized NGO or any other organization related to social work. Even in special cases, the company can execute the CSR related activities through its own employees.

· The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee will take care of the nomination of the employees along with the recruitment of external agencies.

· The CSR Committee will also look after the allocation of the budget for all the activities to be commenced.

· The member of the CSR Committee will interact on regular basis with the agency which is entrusted with the CSR related responsibility.

· The committee will also work as a watchdog to monitor the progress of any project which has been inaugurated.

All the CSR related activities which is being started by the company, will be notified in the Annual Report of the organization. The CSR policy may be reviewed with time to time accordingly with the Company’s law and regulation.